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Artist sketching on the north coast of devon
pet cat sitting next to bird wire sculpture


I'm Amanda Bradbury, a wildlife artist and sculptor based in Gloucestershire.

I have been drawing and painting all my life, right from an early age I was fascinated by how things worked, always filling sketchbooks with life studies of animals and plants to understand more. This fascination and drive to discover the natural environment lead me on to study at Exeter University to gain a BSc Hons Degree in Biological Sciences. After this, I went on to gain an HND in Technical Illustration in Natural History at Bournemouth. My artwork, backed by this scientific understanding inform the composition and accuracy in my paintings, and structure and form in my sculptures. I was very lucky to be an in-house Illlustrator and later, a Senior Manager in Heritage Interpretation and Exhibit Design for the Wildlfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Slimbridge. This is where I further developed my understanding of ecology and nature, and  observational skills in the field utilising the wealth of wildlife and wetland habitats just outside the office. In 2022, after over 23 years in employment at WWT I decided to 'go it alone' and become a full-time artist and consultant. 

I currently work in a converted loft space in my house, where I'm often 'supervised' by my Bengal Cat, Sky.

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