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Amanda Bradbury holding a wire sculpture

As a wildlife artist and sculptor  I have undertaken many commissions and have exhibited all over the country. ​My paintings celebrate the colour, shape and form in nature, combining my love of landscapes and passion for wildlife. My knowledge, honed from a background in biological sciences, helps capture the relationship and behaviour of wildlife in the natural environment. I compose my work in the studio from observational sketches and photos created in the field.​ My sculptures made from up-cycled wires and other materials, focus on capturing the character and natural behaviour of the subject. 

Aug 2023 Group Show, old Kennels, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

June 2023 'Oceanic 31' Shark Trust's nationwide travelling exhibition.

April 2023 'Ways of Seeing' Lansdown Gallery, Stroud

Dec 2022 'Made in Chalford,' Victoria Works, Gloucestershire.

Aug 2022 'Celebration of Nature' Three Storeys Gallery, Nailsworth.

Jun 2022 Open Studios, SVA Gloucestershire.

Jul 2018 -  Landscape Artist of the Year, Wildcard winner,  Yorkshire.

Dec 2016 - Open Studios, SVA Gloucestershire.

Oct 2016 - Group Show, WWT Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

Sept 2015 - 'Celebration of Water' Ruskin Mill, Gloucestershire.

Feb 2012 - 'Turning Tides' WWT Castle Espie, N. Ireland.


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